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    Post by BEGOÑA on Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:02 pm

    Hello everybody,

    We are going to finish our work in a couple of weeks, and fortunately we will be able to enjoy travelling, resting or spending all our time with our family or our friends.

    First of all I'm going to travel to Cheltemhan to do a course and to practise my English for two weeks. After that, I'm going to spend two weeks in Tenerife island with my boyfriend so as to rest and sunbathe a lot. I have never been there. I think that it'll be great.

    Eventually, I`m going to my village to visit my family, and to Murcia to spend the rest of the summer with my boyfriend and my friends.

    They are good plans, aren't they?

    Enjoy yourself in your summer holidays!

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